Why it Pays to Learn Another Language

Most experts agree that small children are the most adept at learning new languages which they pick up by listening and watching the people and places around them. Our ability to quickly learn new tongues diminishes as we grow older, usually beyond the age of five. Even blind children 3-5 years old can pick up a new language at about the same rate as seeing children. Some people feel their ability to learn a second or third language is far behind them by the time they reach adulthood, but there are products like Rosetta Stone that can help students, workers, teachers and travelers master new words and languages.

Speaking more than one language can greatly increase your employability. It is better for you culturally, socially and also economically because those who speak two or more languages earn more money compared to those who speak only one. One study shows that some government workers in California can earn an extra 58 cents an hour when they use their language skills on the job. In the US overall, workers can expect to earn 20% more if they are bilingual. And when a person has been immersed in a culture and picks up additional cues that way, they will fare better in the mainstream society to which they belong. Greeting a person in their native language breaks down barriers right away. You can put people at ease and get them to open up, and knowing the language is better than using Google translate. You can’t work a serious job that way.

But you can use a Groupon to save as much as $40 off a six-month subscription and $80 off their Back to School special. Groupons are easy because you can use the app on your phone or other mobile devise and order the course and everything you need online. If you’ve thought about taking Japanese, there are courses on sale right now. Whether you need to take courses to improve your business dealings with the public sector or to learn to translate your great-grandmothers love letters, if you have a reason to learn another language, Rosetta Stone has a course that will help you.

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